Global Solidarity Foundation

Increasing awareness about climate justice and funding for community-led sustainable development


We raise awareness about climate change and climate justice and develop, implement and scale campaigns to support community-led initiatives that address the sustainable development goals.


A global movement of engaged people, businesses and diverse communities striving for climate justice and a sustainable world.

The Problem

Climate change and the unequal distribution of wealth is driving oppressive global inequality. The impact on communities and ecosystems is being felt all across the world. Time is running out. We need to act now.

Our Approach

We believe that grassroots initiatives, locally-run enterprises, indigineous communities and visionary individuals can affect radical bottom-up change, across climate, human rights and other global issues. That’s why we’ve committed to finding new funds that support the most effective changemakers internationally.


We’re passionate that a sustainable future is within our grasp. To achieve this, we need to work on all levels of society. That’s why we’ve chosen to work across the UN Sustainable Development Goals that address these issues broadly and ambitiously. We currently focus on the following:

Our Projects

We’re harnessing the power of communities, businesses and individuals to bring about radical, sustainable change. We have a big vision and bold ideas.


Give A Shit Logo

GiveAShit is a new campaign aiming to raise awareness and funds for community-led water and sanitation projects across the globe. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading grassroots organisations working on the frontline of the fight for water equality.

Climate Pets

Give A Shit Logo

Climate Pets is the world’s first community of climate positive pets, and together we’re on a mission to make every cat and dog a climate superhero! A dedicated community-driven platform to discover ways to reduce and offset the carbon ‘pawprint’ of our four-legged friends.


Global Solidarity Creations Black Logo

Global Solidarity Creations build sustainable, modern and accessible websites and thus enable organisations – even with little money – to have a professional web presence and make a positive impact on the planet.

Who we are

The Global Solidarity Foundation was established in early 2022 by Cyril Romann and Jacob Warn as a way to address global inequality in line with the SDGs.

Cyril Romann, from Switzerland, has been working for years in international grant-making and social initiatives supporting environmental and human rights issues. He has an academic background in social work and has years of experience working in foundations or bigger national NGOs.

Jacob Warn, from the UK, has a background in education, campaigning and impact management for charities. He has successfully established a number of educational projects for people on the move and works as a consultant with a number of major companies and nonprofits in the fields of impact, collaborative learning and grant-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does GSF support?

We believe that local communities and grassroots organisations are best placed to catalyse sustainable and equitable change. Our campaigns seek to channel funding to our local partners all across the world.

Is GSF a registered entity?

We’re registered as both a Community Interest Company in the UK and a non-profit in Switzerland. This means we’re a non-profit, investing all donations and profit into our partners and into our campaigning work.

How does GSF raise funds?

We aren’t a legacy foundation with an endowment. That means we don’t generate income from investments. Instead, we seek out new funding channels, working with the public and businesses and disbursing grants directly.

Where does GSF work?

We’re launching our first campaigns in the UK and Switzerland, with aims to expand over various European countries over the coming years. As for our grant-making, we disburse funds and support community initiatives all across the world, without prejudice.

Does GSF accept grant applications?

 At present, GSF does not accept unsolicited grant applications. Our campaigns target specific sustainable development goals and we are currently researching and contacting partner organisations directly.

Can I get involved with GSF?

We’re a small team starting out on a bold and ambitious journey. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, sharing an idea, or partnering with us, please reach out via the contact form below.